ADI: Harbringer Down: A practical creature fx film


Go donate on Kickstarter while there is still time!
Go donate on Kickstarter while there is still time!

Still available on Kickstarter for your supporting dollars!


ADI: HARBINGER DOWN : A Practical Creature FX Film

So the great people at ADI (Amalgamated Dynamics); Have decided to form a Kickstarter campaign for a sci-fi/horror film by Creature FX Designer Alec Gillis, that will celebrate Animatronics and Makeup FX . Help keep FX real!

I’m a huge fan of practical effects work, and these guys are some of the best. They came out of working from Stan Winston, you know THE Stan Winston, that creative force behind The Predator® and Aliens® and The Terminator® to name drop just a few. These guys are kicking it into high gear and are going to make a full feature creature film using hand crafted make-up, scale models, suits and animatronics to show Hollywood that there is just no substitute for the real deal.


If you love Sci-Fi and creature films from the 80’s & 90’s, but are not too thrilled with the over dependence on CG then this is a project for you to get behind.

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“ADI Concept Art by Mike Broom and Alec Gillis”