My baby is coming home.

So about a month ago I was playing my guitar in an empty warehouse at work when I had a real shitty accident. My guitar slid off of my makeshift stage and sheared the headstock almost clean off. I was not amused. I took it rather well considering the damage that was done. I guess after a solid 90 minutes of rocking out at ten thousand decibels (I jest it was probably closer to 110) I was all played out and didn’t fly into a rage or throw a tantrum. I had a few choice words to say but can you blame me!?!

Anyway I just got the call that my Moosehead Custom Painted Gibson Studio Guitar was ready to come back home. I am thrilled to bits. My guess is that the 100+ degree warehouse and the 100% humidity worked its evil magic on my guitar and snapped its neck pretty cleanly after it took its tumble.

Warning bad language used (but not much).

Any way I will be glad to have it back. For anyone else that wants to see how it looks here is a photo. It is broken in the image.


That is all for now. So go rock out and enjoy music if you are able.

Brief update: The repaired guitar is back in my hands at home, and plays like a charm once more. A big shout out & thank you to the repair guys at Long & Mcquade.