The Gfn’s July 7th

Just a reminder that Jimmy & co will be playing Van Gogh’s at 9:30pm on July 7th in Guelph.
I look forward to the show and seeing some familiar faces.



Doug Stanhope: MUSA Ballcap

This is so awesome, I am a huge fan of Doug Stanhope (not for everyone) and I just saw him on Charlie Booker (Newswipe) BBC wearing one of a series of hats I designed for the US Market. I am so happy that a comedian I think is super funny, likes a piece of my work enough to wear it on international television. (He is in no way affiliated with Moosehead Breweries Ltd, nor is it implied, explicitly or implicitly). I just think it’s cool that a guy famous enough to have done The ManShow on Comedy Central with Joe Rogan, and is a known comedian likes something I worked on.

Plus I don’t get much of a chance to show off work to family overseas so that was a cool realization.



The Good For Naught’s

The Good For Naught’s are playing! Saturday July 7th @ 9:00pm Van Gogh’s, 10 Wyndham St North, Guelph ON. See you there!

( Music Juice. Freshly Squeezed) …Welcome to the folk revolution. Maybe modern-folk? Folk-bonanza? Forget the categories for a moment, The Good for Naughts bring the roots back to the modern music scene…Check out The Good for Naughts’ shout out to Orange Country Reverb. Also jive on over to their official website ( and follow them on Twitter (@goodfornaughts).


CrossFit: Element CrossFit to be exact

In the last 4 years I have had the utmost pleasure of doing CrossFit at a great local (Mississauga) gym, called Element CrossFit. Soon the company I work for is going to move far far away from here and I won’t be able to attend regularly anymore. Much to my dismay. That place holds a lot of great memories, friends and achievements for me. I just felt like I should give them a solid rousing and glowing report card, as thanks to their mentoring and coaching I was able to get into great shape for my wedding in 2010.

The below photo is of me dead lifting 315lbs. For a guy who weighed in around 127lbs for a very very long time (Thanks to my Crohn’s Disease), I take great pride in that. Not to mention just how great the community atmosphere is at Element, and just how gracious both Alex & Rachel are! Best wishes to all of you at Element.

I’ll always have a great low carb Cracked Canoe beer in my fridge for you should you stop by the Liberty Village Office.

I will see you guys again before the big move at the end of this month.


For all of you Sci-Fi fiends out there, I would suggest going to see the new Ridley Scott film, preferably in an Imax 3D with dolby 7.1 surround sound, to really get a good sense of the scale in this epic (not quite prequel). I hope the sequel gets made within the next 2-3 years. Although I hear there may be a Blade Runner follow-up movie in the works too (which I would be very excited to see, as I do love the 80’s sci-fi classic, Director’s cut, no voice-over).

It isn’t another Alien movie, so get that out of your head right now. Similar in tone, and look & feel, but this isn’t LV-426.

I say go see it with an open mind, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I know that I’ll go again. Perhaps I’ll see you there.


Price Lists

Here at GreatWall Studios our daily rate is $750 plus applicable taxes.

• Layout & Design for both print & web

• Photoshop composites

• Illustration, and concept creation

• Packaging: Cartons, Bottle Labels, & Cans, Trays, Pouches, Poly Bags [Alcoholic beverage & Food Stuffs]

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to reach out to me. | @mholyome – Twitter | (647) 962-1997