Keeping myself busy during slow periods.

The best part about being a freelancer is that when I have down time, I can pursue some off the beaten path personal art, that doesn’t necessarily coincide with my day job. Although I have done a few renderings of what some labels I have done could have looked like a 355mL cans, mainly what I like to do to fill my time between projects, contracts or obligations in general is to sculpt copies of images I come across on Google, or items that have been sculpted but are priced well out of my price range by groups like Sideshow Collectibles, Jordu Schell, Steve Wang, or Simon Lee.

Since my day job (besides being a stay at home dad) is that of graphic designer / retoucher, I generally enjoy a more traditional medium for a hobby. Getting my hands dirty and pushing clay around feels really great, and is an entirely different set of motions and movements than using a mouse or tablet. I’m not the most talented sculptor, but I genuinely enjoy it, and I plan to carry on for years to come.

This years crop of sculptures. A generic zombie, a warrior, Skeletor® based off of a Sideshow items and an alternate universe Donatello from a picture I found during a Google image search. I did edit the Donatello to make him seem more tribal than the source image.
Product line up of brands that didn’t make it passed the label stage.