Logo Package:

Multi step process to create your new or updated company logo. Minimum of (3) three rounds of changes included in the price.
1 Primary Logo in both Vertical & Horizontal orientation
1 One Colour Logo

Included formats:
.ai file, PDF, PSD, Jpeg, Png & Tiff files provided

$2500.00 + 13% HST
**A $1250.00 deposit is required before the project starts.

Print Ad:

Full colour (CMYK, 300dpi, 8.5 x 11″H) suitable for print media

$800.00 + 13% HST
**A $400.00 deposit is required before the project starts.

Beverage Brand Creation Package:

(Includes) 355mL Can, 341mL Label (Body & Neck), Bottle Cap, 6Pk Bottle Carton, 12Pk Can Carton, Shipper Tray & Mother Carton (LCBO) Electronic BeerStore Sign for brand wall

$6500.00 + 13% HST
**A $2500.00 deposit is required before the project starts.

Beverage Brand On-Premise Package:

(Includes) 11×17”H Poster, Tent Card, Window Cling, Coaster, Bottle Opener, Pitcher, Apron, Patio Umbrella, Uniform Tee, Condiment Holder, A-Frame Chalk Board, Drink Tray, LED Sign, Tin Sign, Tap Handle and Car Vehicle Wrap for Sales Rep.

$5250.00 + 13% HST

Sculpture: Bust

I take sculpting commissions for busts. I focus primarily on sci-fi and fantasy characters; like Dwarves, Elves, Warriors, Minotaurs, Goblins and Orks. They usually stand around 8″ tall, and are approximately 5″ wide, and about 4″ deep. I build them on a wooden base, that I cut on a band saw, and sand then shape by hand, down to a 220 grit. I oil the wooden bases, and add polyurethane, and cushioned feet so they won’t scratch their display surface.
You can choose between Polymer clay (Super Sculpey®) which can bake to a ceramic like hardness, or Chavant NSP Hard, which is an oil based product that never sets, and can be melted back down an reused (**Can be damaged by handling and heat).
I am not the person to choose if you want a 100% likeness, but the essence of the character will be there with out a doubt.
These are One of a Kind (OOAK’s) and usually require 8 – 12 weeks of lead time.

$525.00 + 13% HST – Standard 8″H Bust.
** a $300.00 deposit is required before project starts. | @mholyome – Twitter | (647) 962-1997




2 thoughts on “Product/Service

  1. If I wanted to buy a Les Paul Gibson Moosehead a couple of years old (my buddy won it in a bar contest) what is it worth ? I have no idea, but I like it !

    1. We paid 700 total for each guitar and the custom paint job by the guy who paints the Steamwhistle vans and trucks. The paint is thick and hasn’t chipped yet and i play mine aggressively 3 to 4 times a week. Decent sound for a studio level Gibson.

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