Getting the itch to create…

An even bigger roster of items I’ve completed this year. Definitely taken a turn for the fantasy realm as of the last three – four months. May even be taking my first commission offer within the next week or so. Could be a way to supplement my freelance graphic design revenue.

I’d love to use this skill set to design a really funky tap handle. I’ve done that on paper, and in illustrator, but never done it traditionally for a full on mould and cast job.

If any one would like to have a very custom award/ topper made to hand out to staff at conferences and the such that would be a cool project to do.

Contact me at :

For OOAK (One of a kind) bust (around 8″ tall and 5″ wide depending on character) you’re looking at $600.00 + 13% HST (in either a Chavant® NSP Hard or Super Sculpey® medium). To have your item moulded and then cast in resin please contact me for a quote.

Sculptures_2017_Part Three