Sculpting again: TMNT

So I realized it had been a while since I last sculpted anything (That item being the torso of Sagat from Street Fighter®) And felt like getting back into it again. I felt as though I learned a fair bit when working on Sagat, so I tried to bring that knowledge over to these new projects. I tackled a newer version of Raphael from TMNT: Out of the shadows. As I had previously tried a version of Raph from the original 2014 movie (or whenever it actually was) that I have posted about before, with a series of images based on the figures progression below. So early in November I began a newer Raphael sculpt based on the movie from this summer and I wasn’t very happy because I made a pretty major error in posing the wire armature early on, and wasn’t able to compensate for it once it was epoxied onto the painted base. I tried to remedy that on a companion piece Leonardo, got the balance right, but ultimately made one leg far too long and out of proportion to the other leg. I really need to go back and spend some time drawing anatomy reference to get better at sculpting it. I bent the armature into position over top of the photo reference I was using, but didn’t account for how much/little I would need to use as a pin by the feet to epoxy into the base. I must have missed a pre-bend mark and used more of the wire in the leg than I had intended. Things to take away from this; Slow down during the armature/posing stage and get the measurements right. Don’t epoxy the armature to the base until after sculpting is done, that will give me a clue as to whether or not I have the subjects balance correct without the base itself carrying more counter balance load than it really should. Mark bend locations clearly.

I have started to use Chavant NSP Hard for sculpting because it’ll take and hold little details rather well. I do like the Medium version as well, not so hard on the fingers if you don’t have the stuff up to working temperature yet. My heat lamp set up is fine, as this obviously isn’t my day job but a fun escapist hobby. I am just having a hard time locating this stuff locally, as it seems both Curry’s and Michael’s don’t carry it any more. Plus they seem to be selling individual 2lb blocks on for close to $100 which is ridiculous. has it for cheaper, but it’s also in US Dollars, and the shipping / handling and import fees are fairly high. I’ll have to find a local sculpture supply place and see if I can order any within Canada.

Anyway, here are some shots of the newer stuff. Nothing too special. I see the mistakes made, and I look forward to doing more next year. As an update from yesterday, I meant to say that I am really truly impressed by anyone who is able to sculpt a l portrait likeness of another person. I really don’t seem to command the patience to tease out anything the looks close to an actual characters facial features. I almost got semi-close on my Groot sculpt, but in that case I spent more time on the face than the whole rest of the body, extremities and surface details combined. I have also found a Toronto based sculpture supply store that carries Chavant NSP Hard and has reasonable pricing compared to the highway robbery going on over at

TMNT_Sculpture_series 2014
Roughly 1/6 scale Chavant Clay Medium sculpture