CrossFit: Element CrossFit to be exact

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

In the last 4 years I have had the utmost pleasure of doing CrossFit at a great local (Mississauga) gym, called Element CrossFit. Soon the company I work for is going to move far far away from here and I won’t be able to attend regularly anymore. Much to my dismay. That place holds a lot of great memories, friends and achievements for me. I just felt like I should give them a solid rousing and glowing report card, as thanks to their mentoring and coaching I was able to get into great shape for my wedding in 2010.

The below photo is of me dead lifting 315lbs. For a guy who weighed in around 127lbs for a very very long time (Thanks to my Crohn’s Disease), I take great pride in that. Not to mention just how great the community atmosphere is at Element, and just how gracious both Alex & Rachel are! Best wishes to all of you at Element.

I’ll always have a great low carb Cracked Canoe beer in my fridge for you should you stop by the Liberty Village Office.

I will see you guys again before the big move at the end of this month.

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