The Big Show

Here I am in Guelph enjoying the musical stylings of the Good for Naughts at Van Gogh’s Ear.  Led by lead singer Jamie Murray, playing guitar. The fourth member and second guitarist is absent from tonight’s show due to a conflicting CD release party.

The venue, Van Gogh’s Ear is a newly renovated pub in downtown Guelph. New bar, new booths and a brand new outdoor street level patio. The interior is best described as shabby chic, with a real sense of being eclectic. The lighting is dim, and the crowd is around 27 years old on average. There is a decent turn out for the event, busy but not crammed in like sardines. There is room to move about the place, and almost every spot has a good view of the stage.
Now I’m not a music fanatic, and have the musically  descriptive skills of a deaf mute, but to me the music is soothing with a catchy swing to it. It takes its time, and comes out strong when it needs to, and can be reserved & understated at moments.

If you are in the mood for Canadian Indie rock with some tooth to it then I think you should make some night moves and get down here. (I appologize for the poor sound quality, I didn’t check the video before I posted it, call it the problem of immediacy, as I’m posting as it is happening).
Up next is Hey brother and Among Millions.



Enjoy a cold Moosehead Lager while you are at it.




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