Las Vegas: Oh the beautiful people…

Man, do I love Las Vegas. The place is an insane asylum open 24/7, and cooking at about 110 degrees during the day (At least in Mid August). I wonder just how many light bulbs there are on the strip? Anyone care to go and count for me? Ha. Maybe next time then.

I went for a brief vacation last month, during monsoon season no less (read: humidity, extreme temperatures, lightening storms and rain in the desert). I had a tonne of fun. I usually do. Listen to me, speaking like I have a summer condo there that I frequent, really I have only been twice. Once with my brothers, and the most recent trip was with my wife, one brother, several friends and some acquaintances. Both times I have gone I have had an awful lot of fun, mixed in with some very long plane trips, lay overs, delays and general disarray. Next time I’ll pay for the direct flight, non-stop there and back. I would however have no qualms about staying at Caesars Palace again, that was very nice on the inside. Not only that, but the AC was pumping good & strong the whole time too. Not to mention the fact that the pool was almost empty and very refreshing. (I’ll glaze over the fact that people sit & drink in it all day and never get out once).

The main point of the trip was to do some touristy things, like see the Hoover Dam (we went, it was hot, but beautiful) See below pictures for further insight



. We didn’t stay long as we were on a tight schedule, and were heading off to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon as well. After a very long 5 hours of driving, and a sadly uneventful traipse along Historic Route 66 (the sucky end apparently) we made it to the largest hole in the ground I have ever seen. It is a bit more than that in reality, I just wasn’t in a terribly good mood at that point. Hungry, tired and I seriously needed to pee. After five hours of traveling we could only stay for 30 minutes or so before the sojourn back to Vegas, as some of our group had to catch a flight home back to Canada. (See below for more photo’s and possibly a video of the world’s prettiest ditch).

The real reason my brother and I wanted to head back to Vegas, was because the first time we were really hyped up to go to a shooting range and fire off some massive guns, but one of our older brothers put the kybosh on that during our first trip. So back we came, and on the Saturday afternoon, we hopped into a cab from Caesars car port and made a beeline straight to The Gun Store. I made a point of firing two smaller hand guns and a sniper rifle, (the 1911, a 20-something, and a .223 sniper rifle with scope). It was awesome!. I sucked for the first 4 of six shots with the 1911, because I made the rookie mistake of sighting with only the rear end of the site and not following from stem to stern. I got much better after I realized this. Although, never having fired a hand gun before I did manage to hit the clip release on the grip while sighting up with the 20-something style hand gun. I felt rather stupid, but you live and you learn. Even with the weight and strain of a real fire arm I have a fairly tight grouping.

Zombie clowns had best beware, as I prefer the head shot at 30 paces. As long as they don’t move more than a foot from side to side swaying in the wind, similar to the targets in the enclosed range we were in, then I will be just fine.


In fact I enjoyed myself so much, I am signing up to get my gun license here in Ontario, to go target shooting with a Springfield 30-o6 (or similar variation of) that I have got my eye on from the Pro-Bass Shop in Vaughn.

I’ll amend this later to add in the photos and
video. I’m tied up at home with a Hallowe’en costume project for my dog, and some Markham Fair art entries I have to start & finish for the end of the month.



1 thought on “Las Vegas: Oh the beautiful people…

  1. Would love to see some pics!! Besides the gun shooting ones;o) Love how you sold out “the older brother”! You let him disaude you on your birthday?! You should have just ganged up on him like when you were little! … Glad you got in all the experiences you wanted this time:oP
    – the older brother’s wife…

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