Extended sculpture list for 2017

This has been a really solid year for me as far as creative output is concerned. I have just completed my twelfth sculpture of 2017. The last four items have been busts about 5″ – 6″ in height, so they use less material, and allow me to focus on details and the anatomy of the head / facial features. Not going to lie, that is a real weakness of mine, but I’m trying to tackle it head on, and have been reading up on it, and watching tutorials, and having a real great time exploring other sculptors works for inspiration. It has been a really great hands on experience. I do love the graphic design work that I do, but this just seems to be more visceral. The fewer successes I have early on in the process, the happier I am towards the end with the final product; usually. Means I’ve had to tear off and rework areas again, and again in order to get it to look like the reference materials. It helps when the reference materials I have been using are these fantastic pieces done by Giorgos Tsougkouzidis. All bar three of this years sculpts have been sight copies or have been based upon artwork done by some on else.

The reference sheet for the Barbarian done by Giorgos T.
Bust sculptures
The last four busts grouped together.

As you can see from the reference material, I got close, but i have no where near the same skill as the original sculptor. Gives me a tough space to aim for over the next few years.



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