Fun with Celebrity Mash-ups

Several months ago I had a quiet day at the office, must have been during one of the quarterly meetings or near a holiday, as I don’t really recall at the moment. But I was tired of working on cut and dried advertisements so I scoured the internets (read Google images) and pilfered a couple of clean head shots of various actors and actresses. I did more than the snippet I’ll post here today, but some didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped, and some people are just too similar to notice any kind of a mash up; for instance Johnny Knoxville and Joshua Duhamel just look so alike that you couldn’t tell I had super imposed one over top of the other. Others were just badly executed, a Tara Reid & Kate Upton mash up was simply horrendous, and plain frightening to behold.
Anyway, here are the three most successful mash ups. Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, Putin and James Masrden, and Daniel Craig and Zack Efron. Share, comment and enjoy.

Aaron_Bryan_mash up Zac_Daniel Mash up_REV Marsden_Putin_mashup 2014