So it is that time of year again. Time to shave your face clean then unleash all unholy hell across it in terms of garish facial hair. Last year i did the handle bars, this year i will stick with the classic and ever popular Tom Selleck. All upper lip baby, all the way all the time. Enter hilarious Ron Burgundy quote here. So i am raising money and awareness this time around. 2 years official but this is technically my 4th year growing a Mo.
Even if you don’t want to give any cash to support cancer research ( i know it is for prostate by why be so particular in this day and age. Cancer has affected a large portion of us. A quick side note here,  i read this book once that said cancer and its mutations could be god attempting to usher man into its next stage of evolution. I wasn’t offended by the statement but i didn’t much care for the sentiment. End of side bar)
Long story short show your support pneumonia way or another. Be a Mo bro
Here i  am all cleaned up for Movember 1st.


I am writing this on my Samsung so i apologize in advance for any possible spelling mistakes.

Search Mark holyome on http://www.movember
.com and help me out if you’d like.