5 Year Anniversary

A few weeks ago; October 6th, 2013, I reached a bench mark at my current position that I initially didn’t think was possible. I have been a full time graphic designer for Moosehead Breweries Limited | The Premium Beer Company for five years and counting. This is something I consider to be an achievement, for a few reasons. The first being a rather funny anecdotal experience.

When I first interviewed here back in September of 2008, I met with two Marketing professionals who were looking to begin a pilot project for bringing in as much design work in-house as they could, as a cost savings measure, and as a way to ensure more overall cohesion in the materials being created. (**Both marketers and the VP at the time are now no longer with the company). During the last portion of the interview process I met with the VP of marketing here and the first words out of his mouth were “You know Marketing is a tough business, there can be a lot of turn around, two years is a long time here”. Two years? I thought to myself, that isn’t a very long time to drop what I am doing and come aboard here, only to have to continue the job search 24 months later, if that. But I was young, and hopeful and was thinking about time in traditional terms, not Marketing Department terms. After a few weeks in, I came to understand that in fact two years was a long time, and in agency terms it was a lifetime.

We’ve managed to cover an awful lot of ground at Moosehead. Being the entirety of the Art dept for 3.5 years was a tough, but ultimately fulfilling task.Since then I’ve managed to grow the dept by one, and added in an alternating GD internship which is open to college applicants in southern Ontario. As a unit we cover all of Canada, the United States, and a few far flung points around the globe (mainly Singapore, the UK, and South America). We’ve tackled everything from Billboards and fleet graphics, to labels and cartons, to story boarding web commercials and event video loops down to customizable POS items for accounts across the country.

So many great people have passed through here, and I’ve collaborated on some really wonderful projects and brands. I’ve learned so much, and have been afforded a chance to break new ground and test ideas of my own. I’m thankful for the 5 years I’ve had, and I look forward to as many more!


4667 note worthy projects and counting as of Nov 4th, 2013.