The Problem with The News…

Well to be fair, it really isn’t all news sites. Just a few that have taken a turn for the worse lately. There is a reason why people used to pay for newspapers and journals and such in print format, it was for the knowledgeable writing done by professional journalists who had something to say, or thought you had a need to know. These intrepid individuals used to keep us riveted with exposés on this, that and always the “other”. But now, if I search on-line for news, I get reader submitted, hearsay and opinion, not facts and well… facts; with an objective bias. I want paid journalists not a glut of know-it-alls who feel free to postulate and guess about one thing or another, most of which they actually know very little about, and didn’t even bother to research. If I wanted your opinion I would ask for it, not have it pushed in front of me by the likes of CNN or whomever, and presented as fact. Although they have this handy little disclaimer buried away that says that CNN hasn’t done any fact checking, spell checking, grammar checking of any sort in relation to the articles (such as they are) that litter their news site.

Perhaps it is telling that E!, Entertainment Tonight and a few others are the main news source for several million people in North America. Are we so bored of the downward spiral that we really care about Tom/Kat’s divorce and require a play by play and weekly updates? Seriously? Perhaps that is just me. It must be easier to just bask in the dull glow of the instantaneous, rather than pay attention and follow along with what is going on in our own countries and abroad. Hey don’t get me wrong, i’m not all doom and gloom here, I like pop culture, music, and sci-fi big budget movies etc etc…They have their place and time, but not as a major story in the news (the Aurora event however is justified as news) I just think that the news should be full of facts, and maybe impart some knowledge, and rally people to a cause, or show us the folly of our ways or some such. I am a dreamer after-all.

Is it just me, or do there seem to be very few journalists or news organizations that are willing to ask those hard questions and call “bullshit” when they get the run around or evaded. How do we not have more people like Christopher Hitchens or Gore Vidal taking the world by storm? Why do we continue to give politicians the mic where they can speak for 90 minutes and not say anything. Rhetoric, and the filibuster are killing us softly. Who do you turn to for News people? Fox just makes me so mad, and I have no idea how it is that they don’t get sued more often after some of the things that come out of the mouths of their day time hosts. But to know where one side is exaggerating you have to watch the other, and then do some funny internal logic math and make an educated guess about where the factual truth lies somewhere in between. That’s why I enjoy The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, both of them are heavily biased, but towards humour, and not a partisan line. They aren’t journalists, they are funny-men that take a poke at the news and sadly enough, give us more facts than some proper news sources, along with some pretty scathing opinions of their own.

Where did all of the hard hitting news “Bastards” go, who were friends with everyone & no one because all they did was dig up everyone’s dirt and go public with it. I shall venture a guess that they were either gathered into the fold of one side or the other, where they learned to play along, or they ducked out early and couldn’t be bothered with the shenanigans anymore. Sadly, the likes of both Christopher Hitchens and Gore Vidal are dead, so no excuse required there.

That is my little rant about the idiocy of the average Joe’s opinion (the irony is not lost on me, but I at least don’t present my ramblings as fact, nor do my posts appear on News sites) being presented as fact by the current on-line media conglomerates.